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A collection of memories and objects from MICA's Summer Travel Intensive Program, Summer 2015.

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We met at Caffè Nero inside of the Istanbul Atatürk Airport. It didn't really feel like we were in Turkey at that moment yet.

Lira with portrait of Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey.

I experienced severe culture shock in Istanbul. There were lots of people of different age and nationality, but I stood out as an Asian woman along with my classmates who were blonde. I found a lot of comfort in the familiar qualities of our European style hotel.

Germir Palas Hotel room key.

Drinking Turkish çai several times a day made it surprisingly possible to tour beautiful places while jetlagged.

Istanbul City museum pass, Mina Restaurant business card.

Doy Doy was a particularly memorable restaurant because of its name and great rooftop seating view of The Blue Mosque.

Doy Doy restaurant business card (front & back), Sadberk Hanim Musuem ticket.

Just a few days into the program, it was clear that Yavuz was a really great leader for our art school group. But Annet, Dan, and Katie already knew that. I miss (frantically following) Yavuz (around).

Sadberk Hanim Museum ticket.

Using filters and other editing apps, I produced more successful photos on my iPhone than my camera. Here are a few of my favorites from Instagram:

Sadberk Hanim Museum's Pabuç Shoes exhibition pamphlet.

A very peaceful visit at the Basilica Cistern
(a place better experienced than documented)
#MICATurkey (@jenniferjuang)

Carpets from Anatolia were skillfully made by anonymous women artists and marketed by loquacious businessmen.
(Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?
[an excerpt] by L.N.)
#MICATurkey (@jenniferjuang)

Explore the #MICATurkey hashtag for more photos!

Before returning to Istanbul, we traveled southbound to visit some very unique cities: Bursa, Çanakkale, Assos, Bergama, and Selçuk.

I wasn't always diligent about collecting objects, but I have memories that encapsulated, in eccentric ways, my experience in each city.

Bursa was a much needed change of pace from Istanbul. And during breakfast at the hotel, we could always count on the same great view and song every morning.

Hotel Efehan business card, Uluumay Osmanli Kiyafetler Ve Takilar Müzesi (ethnographic museum) business card.

At Çanakkale, our hotel was practically on the beach.
It was a brief stay, but I remember great hotel food (buffet style!), watching the sunset, and turtles.

Hiking sucks.
But I got to see this!

Assos archaeological site ticket.

Homesickness kicked in at Bergama due to the hazelnut spread I put on my breakfast toast tasting just a little off from Nutella.

Anil Hotel business card (f&b), sketchbook page.

The stay at Selçuk was long and peaceful. The hotel was lovely and lots of warm moments were shared in the dining room. I forgot to grab a business card.

"Yeah but I don't know what rose is like as a flavor..."
"Rose wine, rose liqueur..."

Josh's copy of My Struggle: Book 1 by Karl Ove Knausgaard.

Istanbul round 2 was very pleasant. I was a lot more confident and super excited to see modern exhibitions and to shop for souvenirs.

Cecil Beaton exhibition pamphlet at Pera Museum, Grayson Perry exhibition pamphlet at Pera Museum, sketchbook page.

I miss drinking çai everyday! Going to Turkey taught me a lot about packing and thinking like a practical traveler, and I feel very ready to explore more of the world.

Turkish rocks from the bottom of my sneakers.